A Life Journey is an account of my personal and professional story through time and space. Autobiographical, A Life
    Journey is written mainly as a medium for sharing my life with my children and grandchildren, but also with strangers
    interested in the experiences of a little boy growing up during WWII who, thanks to an intrepid and gutsy self-made
    father, himself an orphan victim of WWI, escaped a preordained humdrum future to fulfill his dreams. That little boy’s
    odyssey was froth with difficulties and roadblocks on his path but also full of edifying experiences and life enriching
    adventures that spanned five countries on three continents. This book’s initial chapters form a tapestry weaved from
    distant memories, information gathered from my parents, relatives, and acquaintances of my parents and mine, as well
    as from old documents I found at my family’s 250 year-old country house. The later narrative draws mainly from
    personal recollections but also from archived written documents and electronic communications. Lucid memories of
    most impacting events and of unforgettable interactions that shaped my character, altered my personal or professional
    course, or were notable in some other way are quoted verbatim. Less impacting incidents are described as accurately
    as possible and set in context in order to remain truthful to the circumstances and spirit of each occurrence. Events
    arising within and outside my immediate environment that, in one way or another contributed to shaping my life and my
    destiny are carefully described. Also recounted are intrigues, not infrequent in academic circles, involving individuals
    who, annoyed by my independence and self-reliance attempted to hinder my progress. Incidents involving unprincipled
    behavior by some in positions of power also are narrated. Finally, historical events crossing my path in one way or
    another are cited and referenced. I owe my parents a debt of gratitude for laying the foundations of my personal and
    professional development and acknowledge with immense gratitude my wife’s unfaltering support and encouragement
    throughout our long journey. I also thank those who generously supported and assisted me at the various stages of my
    career and comforted me when most needed. I am indebted to my children for being a source of great pride and

 Completion date: Late 2019