A Life Journey narrates the experiences of a little boy growing up in France during the Nazi occupation that thanks to
    an intrepid self-made father, himself an orphan of WWI conquered all obstacles on his path to escape a preordained
    bleak future to fulfill his dream of becoming a physician. That little boy's odyssey was froth with difficulties and
    obstacles on his path but also full of edifying experiences and life-enriching adventures that spanned five countries
    and three continents. The book's initial chapters form a tapestry weaved from distant memories, information gathered
    from my parents, relatives, and acquaintances, and from old documents I discovered at our family's 250-year
    farmhouse. The later narrative draws mainly from personal recollections but also from archived documents and
    electronic communications. Events arising within and outside my immediate environment that contributed to shaping my
    life and my destiny are privileged, including the generous support and assistance I received at various stages of my
    career but also intrigues attempting to hinder my progress. While attractive to a general audience and inspirational to
    readers facing personal or workplace difficulties, my story also appeals to a scholarly market as it describes the
    expectations, rewards, and disappointments of academic life.  

 Completion date: Late 2019