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    Born in Italy, I grew up in France and Colombia where I obtained my medical degree. My post-graduate medical education took place mainly at the University of Texas Medical
    Branch, in Galveston, Texas, and at the Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. My 30 year-plus academic career evolved at the Medical College of Georgia (Georgia Regents
    University) and the affiliated VA Medical Center, in Augusta, Georgia, lasting through my retirement. I was engaged in patient care, teaching, and clinical and bench research. I
    was a member of a number of scientific societies, a grant reviewer and consultant for several national health organizations, and the author of numerous peer-reviewed
    publications (see CV). Aspiring to become a writer, I accepted the challenge of editing a book on Hematologic Malignancies and proceeded to edit a second book on Chronic
    Lymphocytic Leukemia; the subject of my major clinical and research interest, Subsequently, I authored four books. In the first book, titled The War on Cancer, I exposed the
    40-year stagnation in the treatment of advanced-stage cancer and its root causes, urged abandoning the failed chemotherapy model that is based on the delusion that high
    doses of cell-toxic agents can selectively kill cancer cells while sparing their normal counterparts, and proposed a way forward based on proof-of-concept principles. The
    second book, titled Pain Control and Drug Policy, was triggered by my professional observations on the negative impact of drug policy on pain management in the US, and on
    the devastating consequences of the War on Drugs on the institutions and society of producer countries; especially Colombia producer of 80% of worldwide cocaine and
    Afghanistan; the world's supplier of opium. In it, I urged the repeal of the Control Substances Act, the re-legalization of all illicit drugs, and the dismantling of the DEA. Since its
    publication, we have witnessed how infighting by Mexican kingpin gangs for drug traffic dominance and the predictable government response have resulted in upwards of
    50,000 victims reminiscent of Colombia's. My fourth book titled The Affordable Care Act, offers an objective, factual, and forthright critique of all wanted segments of the US'
    current health system; A system driven by the self-interest of caregivers, consumers, insurance and drug companies, malpractice attorneys, and even policy makers, none of
    which are addressed in the Affordable Care Act. The last chapter outlines a blueprint of an affordable, equitable, and sustainable universal health system for all that remains
    even-handed to providers and suppliers. My fifth book, titled The Conquest of Cancer reviews most recent advances in cancer biology and genetics and their meager
    translational clinical applications, describes major stakeholders' interests that impact Oncology practice perpetuating the status quo, and proposes a new cancer management
    paradigm that includes redesigning the search for new tools capable of detecting cancer in curable early stages and for efficacious cancer agents, restructuring the treatment of
    advanced-stage cancer, and reviving the art of end-of-life care according to ethical principles of patient care. Currently; I am working on a new book titled, A Life Journey as a
    means of sharing some episodes of my personal and professional voyage through time and space and acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of those who preceded,
    accompanied, and supported me. I expect to finish writing in late 2018 and have it published in 2019.

    Personal Profile

    My personal pursuits include exploring history and classical music, especially of the Baroque and Renaissance periods, writing, nature walks, and travelling. I also enjoy
    portraiture, though I am waiting for a third inspirational period.
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Guy B. Faguet, M.D.